Roof Inspection Warning Signs

Roof problems are some of the most damaging, stressful and costly-to-fix issues that homeowners face. Avoiding roof leaks, wind and sun damage, and other roof headaches through professional roof inspection is the best tactic to prevent structural damage to your house–and to your wallet. Learn what roof damage clues to watch for and how to avoid property damage.

Are You Overdue for a Roof Inspection?

This crucial, preventative home maintenance step, scheduled annually, helps protect you from sudden, expensive, (and sometimes dangerous), roof damage disasters.

Watch for these telltale warnings of roof leaks, surface roof damage, or even roof collapse about to happen:

  • Moldy smells or insect infestations in the attic: You may have a roof leak, which your roof inspector can pinpoint quickly.
  • Roof moss: Moss growth can be a sign of roof decay, while algae is typically nothing to worry about (although it can be unsightly).
  • Rusty roof flashing or cracked vent pipe boots: These issues can compromise your roof, allowing destructive moisture inside. You could end up with rotted joists and/or unhealthy mold growth.
  • Blistering or curled roofing material: Changes in roof tile shape and texture can be a small fix, or a big problem. Let your roof inspector help you with expert advice.
  • Missing or broken roof shingles: This can be an easy fix, but your inspector should look for underlying damage first.
  • Roof grit (from asphalt roofing) in the gutters: That sandy substance provides important protection against UV damage to shingles. When it wears away, it leaves your roof exposed.
  • Old roof: Keep ahead of roof repairs–and avoid early roof replacement–with yearly professional roof inspections.
  • And more.

Where to Get an Expert Roof Inspection in Wyoming

A professional roof inspector can help catch roof damage early and locate minor roof repair issues. An ideal time for your annual roof inspection is late summer or fall, before rough weather sets in. You’ll also want an inspection if you notice any of the roof warning signs above, or even for peace of mind after a major storm has passed. Get your roof inspected annually to extend its life and get the most out of your investment. With regular roof inspection, roof problems can be fixed before causing expensive damage or creating a hazardous living situation for your family!

If you’re overdue for your annual roof inspection, or you’ve noticed possible roof damage you want checked out — schedule your professional roof inspection today.

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